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Massage Services We Offer

Therapeutic Massage

General Swedish Massage and deep fascial techniques are used to create a beneficial treatment. 

This treatment is great for relaxation and stress reduction as well as treating a variety of conditions and injuries.

All registered massage therapists are trained in this therapy and continue to build around this base practice.

Therapeutic Massage is part of any massage therapy treatment and can be done at any depth level.

Thai Foot Massage

Using a wooden tool to aid in stimulating and/or relaxing various reflex points on the foot in a rhythmic pattern. 

This treatment is great for relaxation, stress relief, and improving organ function.

Experience is offered as a stand alone treatment fully clothed or can be added to the end of any massage.

Minimum amount of time required is 15 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes.

Cupping Massage

Suction cups are manually applied to the skin using an air pump (no fire). Cup can be used stationary or gliding with oil.

This treatment promotes detoxification and reduction of stubborn scar tissue, which can help alleviate fascial restrictions limiting range of motion and athletic performance.

Common side effects may include discomfort, itchiness, temporary skin discolouration or bruising, and/or post treatment soreness.

The amount and application of suction can be altered depending on pain tolerance and treatment goals.


Different essential oils will have therapeutic effects depending on the goal of the treatment. 

One or a combination of essential oils can be chosen to suit goals or needs. 

Immune System Boost 

consists of oils dropped along the spine to be absorbed into the central nervous system. Enhanced with hot towels to open pores and allow more absorption.

Can be used in any massage at no additional cost. 

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed basalt stones will be used stationary or gliding on the skin with oil for a gentle soothing treatment.

 Like any other heat application, this treatment improves local circulation and loosens tight muscles.  

There is no additional cost and can be added to any massage.

Pre/Postnatal Massage

Massage therapy techniques are applied to address concerns at different stages of pregnancy. 

Belly pillow is available in order to lay facedown up to 9 months pregnant or side-lying comfort dependant.

Additional courses have been taken for perinatal care allowing for the safest experience at any stage of pregnancy.

Chose your style of music and let your therapist know. 

From spa relaxation to today’s hits. 

Everyone relaxes differently.

 Always let your therapist know if you would like more or less pressure during your massage. Help us give you the best treatment possible. Remember post-massage soreness can be very similar to post workout if it lasts more then a day let us know so we can adjust. Muscles need healing time post deep work. 

It is common to feel lightheaded or dizzy post-massage. If this happens, it is always good to sit and rest for a while. Let your therapist know of any reactions.

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